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Security Services and Controls at Malaga Airport

You can expect the same tight security controls at Malaga Airport  that you would find at any airport around the world. Following is simply a list of reminders in order to prepare yourself and your hand luggage  to pass through security controls.

1. Have your boarding pass ready.

2. You must provide your own plastic bag for liquids. The    maximum size is 1 litre (20x20 cm.) If you don't have a bag, you can buy one at the airport chemist.

3. Take off your belt and other metal accessories and be prepared to remove shoes, if required by security staff.

4. Computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices must be  removed from hand luggage and passed through scanners in a separate  tray.

5. If you have any prosthetics or a pacemaker, let the security staff know your situation.

6. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by checking your hand luggage carefully before you leave home to reduce liquids, sprays, creams and  gels to a bare minimum (must fit in that little plastic bag). Also be  sure you don't have any kind of sharp objects in your possession.

Remember, security staff is working to ensure passenger safety. While security controls can be frustrating at times, everyone needs to  cooperate in order to make procedures as easy and quick as possible.





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