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THE United Kingdom will leave the European Union on October 31st, 2019,

resulting in several significant changes which will affect individuals and businesses.

To stay abreast of the Brexit progress and its implications, there are several websites, recommended or written by the British government, which are updated as new information becomes available.

*Official information for British people moving to and living in Spain, including Brexit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving, can be found at:

The site contains current, official information, and was last updated on January 29.

*Information about EU exit, including the article 50 process, negotiations and announcements about policy changes as a result of Brexit is available at:

Topics covered range from preparing your business for when the UK leaves the EU to be living in Europe after Brexit.

*Another useful government led site is ‘Prepare for EU Exit’ which contains information about how to prepare and the steps that may need to be taken by individuals and businesses.

This includes everything from passports, driving licences and flying within the EU to banking and selling online.

To see more, visit:

*The implications of a ‘no deal’ scenario is outlined at the dedicated

government website:

While leaving the EU with a deal remains the government’s top priority, it must plan for every eventuality, including a ‘no deal.’ As such the guidance explains the rights of UK nationals in the EU to benefits and pensions, advice for pet travel, the impact on the regulation of medicines and medical devices, amongst other issues.

*The Spanish government has launched a dedicated ‘Prepared for Brexit’ website which provides information for residents and businesses alike, not only about the implications but also contingency measures that are being adopted at both national and international levels. The site is in English.

*For those covered under the Spanish social security system, there is advice on requesting or renewing a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on the official home page:

(The Spanish governments dedicated social security website in English).






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